Academic Council

Academic Council

Academic Council meets four times each year and relies on strong participation of members to ensure effective conduct of business.

Academic Council

Six University wide committees and four Faculty Boards report to Council which oversees their work through summary reports, monitoring their minutes and through items referred by the committees for consideration.

Some areas of authority are delegated to Council by the Governing Body and Council's Executive Secretary provides a regular written brief to Court on items of academic significance raised at Council.

Terms of Reference

Within the general policy of the University and subject to the ultimate responsibility of the Governing Body and to the responsibilities of the Vice Chancellor, the Academic Council exercises a number of functions.


Elections are held every three years, except in the case of Early Career Academics and Heads of Department, which are held every two years and Students' Union Members, which are held annually.


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University Calendar

The University Calendar 2020-21 lists Academic Council and Central Committees meetings by month.