Delegates' quotes

I really enjoyed today - a really good chance to talk to people that like to talk about maths.

Undergraduate, Glasgow, 2010

Had an awesome day at Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today #tmt kudos to Noel-Ann and Tony for organising, they did a brilliant job.

Delegate comment from Twitter, 2010

Very impressed by the #tmt talks I attended by the way. Game of Nim, free groups, paradoxes, falling cats... (that last one was Ian Stewart).

Delegate comment from Twitter, 2010

Lecturers' quotes

Thank you for hosting such a successful event for our students. I have received very positive feedback and we are pleased as a department that so many of our students took an active interest.

Lecturer, QMUL, 2010

Those who have reported back to us certainly seem to have enjoyed the occasion and we shall encourage our students to take part in future events of this sort.

Lecturer, St Andrews, 2010

Thanks again for organising the conference - everyone I spoke to got a great deal out of it and are eager for something similar to happen again.

Lecturer, Exeter, 2010

Speakers' quotes

Thanks again for putting that conference together, it was an amazing experience and I will always cherish it.

Final year undergraduate, St Andrews, 2011

TMT was really great, you got to show people what you enjoy most in maths and see what others enjoyed. It was fun and enjoyable.

Second year undergraduate, Greenwich, 2011

Speaking at TMT was undoubtedly the highlight of my mathematical career thus far. My TMT research when coupled with my third-year studies has enabled me to come up with an excellent dissertation idea. My confidence and skills in public speaking were enhanced incredibly and has been a prime experience to use when applying for graduate jobs. Employers are especially impressed at the amount of motivation and passion required to voluntarily research a topic and present your findings to such a large audience. I was also able to gain excellent feedback from students at other universities, allowing me to look at my research in new ways.

Third year undergraduate, Greenwich, 2011

I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to become a part of such an event. It was a fantastic life experience to me. I learned a lot and also met great people who are genuinely interested in Mathematics. Also thank you for all your encouragement, I do really appreciate it!

Final year undergraduate, Royal Holloway, 2010

Many thanks for organizing the event.

Keynote Speaker, 2010

Professional Body

IMA Council and my University Liaison steering group were delighted with the success of the conference. We thought it was very well run and that all the students involved - those presenting and those attending - got a lot of benefit from the experience. I have moved on from my role with the IMA but I know they were so pleased with the conference that they have decided to continue the series.

IMA representitive, 2011