11 June 2020 - Open Webinar on Psycholinguistics and Research Methods (Organised by Xenia Schmaltz, University of Munich)

Zoom Meeting, 08:00 AM UK time (09:00 AM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)

Dr Anna Samara, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Greenwich

Title: Bayes Factor analyses with informed priors. Examples from artificial orthography experiments and implications for literacy research. 

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Non significant results are often incorrectly taken to reduce our confidence in the theory that predicted a difference. This is, however, a misinterpretation, as a non significant result may be evidence for the null, evidence against the null, or an artefact of data insensitivity (Dienes, 2008, 2015). One way to overcome this issue is to use Bayesian inference techniques to quantify the evidence of H0 . In this webinar, I hope to illustrate how computing prior-informed BF analyses (following the approach advocated by Dienes, 2008) can be useful for literacy laboratory research, where BF applications have been scarce. I give examples from learning experiments with artificial lexicons investigating (1) children's ability to extract statistical patterns from input presented under incidental and explicit conditions and (2) the relationship between statistical/explicit learning and literacy acquisition and discuss implications for other areas of literacy research.

Going Romance XXXIV | Formal Structures of Language 


Website: https://www.sfl.cnrs.fr/going-romance-2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the conference will be held digitally.

The main session will be held on 26-27 November 2020. In addition to the main session there will be a special session on Preposition-determiner interactions on 25 November 2020.

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