AI guidance

With effective and responsible use, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a useful tool to aid learning. However, its use must be guided by principles of academic integrity and with awareness of the risks it poses, when not used with care.

Our AI Guidance

We encourage the use of AI as a learning tool. Here we share how to use it safely and with academic integrity

Use AI to enhance your learning

We encourage the use of AI to aid your learning, for example to find material on a topic that you will then consider and explore in more depth. This may include learning to support your expression and use of the English language. The use of tools such as Microsoft Editor in Word and Grammarly is permitted to check and get suggestions for spelling and grammar. However, you must not copy and paste directly from an AI tool as your written English is an assessed element of all work written in the English language, and submitted work must always be your own.

Support for using AI effectively

Support for using AI effectively and with academic integrity is available from our Academic Support Team.

If you use AI in the process of undertaking your assignment, for example to create an outline of your assignment or to summarize articles, you should acknowledge this by adding a declaration at the end of your work. Check the links below for detailed information on the use of AI for your studies.

  1. Guidance on the use of artificial intelligence.
  2. Declaration of AI Use (also appended to the student guidance).
  3. Guidance on how to reference AI use.

Further guidance