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Date of eventEvent title
Mon 18 SeptFaculty Public Lecture "Aquaculture in Africa – Unlocking the Potential"
John Linton in NRI, 6:30 - 8pm, Medway campus
Tues 19 Sept diversity + inclusivity by Design, book private view tickets on Eventbrite

The exhibition is part of the London Design Festival 2017 and open to the public until 21 November 2017
Tues 19 SeptSU Welcome Fair at Avery Hill campus
Weds 20 SeptSU Welcome Fair at Medway campus
Weds 20 -
Thurs 21 Sept
Street Fans, in partnership with the Fan Museum, including artist demonstrations and fan making workshops, Greenwich campus.  Book on the fan making workshops
Thurs 21 Sept -
Fri 22 Sept
SU Welcome Fair at Greenwich campus
Sat 23 SeptUniversity Takeover Day at Charlton Athletic FC with tickets for £5

New events

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  • diversity + inclusivity by Design, an exhibition which is part of the London Design Festival 2017 and open to the public until 21 November
  • Faculty Public Lecture "Aquaculture in Africa – Unlocking the Potential", Medway campus, Monday 18 September
  • 23 September, University Takeover Day at Charlton Athletic FC

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