Our Student Ambassador scheme is open to all University of Greenwich students who are eligible to work in the UK, that’s both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Our Student Ambassador team act as role models to inspire and support prospective students who are interested in applying to university, while providing support for operational activities across our university.

Our team is offered a wide variety of work opportunities both on and off campus and may gain experience in; open days, mentoring in schools and colleges, campus tours, higher education fairs, supporting the Care Leaver or AccessAbility projects, faculty taster events or office administration.

When you apply you will go through a full recruitment process, and successful applicants will be provided with thorough training for the role. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience of commonly used graduate recruitment techniques. Each year we employ a team of 300 students, so joining the team can be a great opportunity to make new friends from across the university.

Students employed on our team are able to gain flexible paid part-time employment while they study. Most students are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week which could be achieved depending upon how proactive you are in applying for shifts, your availability and the number of shifts available throughout the year. This flexibility to apply for shifts as-and-when you would prefer them, is an ideal situation to allow you to successfully balance your studies with paid work opportunities.

Pay rates are reviewed on an annual basis and will be visible on the job description when applications open.

Applicants will be considered for our Student Ambassador role and may be appointed to the role of Senior Student Ambassador during the course of their work if they show exceptional professionalism and leadership skills.

Most of the skills and attributes I am proud of, were developed by working as an Ambassador. Most of the projects and events I took part in helped me a lot in gaining confidence and self-esteem, as it involves talking to young individuals. Not only has this improved my academic performance but also endorsed my CV with valuable experience.  

Martin Sanchez Horna