Attainment Gap Project


An overview of the project, why we're taking action and what we're doing.

We are working with staff and students across the University, to promote the benefits of inclusive curriculum design in the context of the BAME attainment gap. We are demonstrating how teams across the institution can analyse and use the data so that they can make positive changes in their own areas. Staff will also be encouraged to identify and share best practice to improve the outcomes for BAME Students at the University.

Understanding the BAME Attainment Gap

HEFCE Report on differences in student outcomes

Phase 2 of the BAME attainment gap project

The second phase of the project shall continue to encourage the use of the VA dashboard across programmes and modules. Colleagues who are involved in teaching and learning support should make full use of the resources which have been developed from phase 1 findings and recommendations. The project team are continuing to work closely with departmental inclusivity Champions and Greenwich Students Union to ensure good practice is implemented and shared.

The screencast below outlines the first phase of the project and its summary of achievements.

For more information on phase 1 of the project please visit

The 2019 Closing the BME attainment gap conference video can be viewed here.

Project team



Academic Sponsor

Jane Harrington

Project Lead


Pedagogic Leads

Mandy Stevenson and Simon Leggatt, FEHHS       

Technical Lead

Christine Couper, PAS

Project Administrator


BAME Staff Network Rep

Sandhi Patchay, FEHHS

Disability Staff Network Rep


GLT representative

Donovan Synmoie, GLT

HR representative(s)

Simone Murch and Naseer Ahmad, EDI, HR

Students' Union

Heather Doon, Esther Olorunsomo and SU Officer

PAS Analysts

Karl Molden and Eleanor Jarvis, PAS


Stephanie Robinson, Communications & Recruitment

If you have any questions about the project please contact Donovan Synmoie at in the first instance. If another team members expertise is required, your question(s) will be forwarded appropriately.