My time at Greenwich has helped me get to where I am today


Our alumni Chris Ball has gone on to become Head of School since completing the PGCE Primary Education course here at the University of Greenwich.

Chris Ball is one of our alumni, who has gone on to become Head of School at Rangefield Primary School since completing the Primary Education PGCE course here at the University of Greenwich. "I applied to do the PGCE Primary at the University of Greenwich's Avery Hill Campus partly because of its location. Although there was a choice of other providers, I was confident that the course would be well run and that there would be a broad choice of local placement schools" he says.

During the course, he was pleasantly surprised by how committed the lecturers were. "The lecturers were a strong team, with diverse experience. They were generous with their time, pragmatic in support and the programme ensured a solid starting point for my career".

Chris thoroughly enjoyed his course and he found one of the most rewarding parts to be his placement. "The placements were in very contrasting schools. Whilst a culture shock they provided a clear insight into teaching, the demands of the job and the opportunity to hone skills in a supportive environment". He goes on to say: "There was a strong sense of camaraderie on the course, much needed with the demands of a hectic year. It was a cohort small enough to get to know most people. Over the years, paths have crossed with a number of the group and in particular, I have a strong friendship with another peer who is also now a Head".

Chris went on to be highly successful in the field of Education and is now a Head of School. He believes that with the right work ethic and attitude, Greenwich can help others do the same and really get the best out of themselves: "Although the course is very challenging, it stands you in good stead for a demanding but very rewarding career and my time at Greenwich has helped me get to where I am today".