The combination of my degree and experiences at Greenwich prepared me well for my research career


Erin, one of our Psychology graduates, found that during her time at Greenwich she developed many transferable skills that helped her get a job she loves.

Erin Watkins is an alumna who studied the BSc Hons Psychology at the University of Greenwich. She went on to work as a Social Researcher for the government and she has taken the time to reflect on her time at university and her experiences with her course.

"I chose the University of Greenwich after meeting the Psychology lecturers at the Open Day. They were all very helpful and full of advice! It was really important for me that I based my choice of university on who would be teaching me throughout my degree. In addition to this, another one of my main reasons for choosing Greenwich was the impressive employment rate after graduation. It gave me a good indication of what I could expect after my course".

Erin made the effort to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and she shares her experiences with us: "Throughout my time at university, I took advantage of the opportunities available: becoming a Senior Student Ambassador, a Student Connect Assistant, a Student Rep, volunteering in Sri Lanka with SLV Global Placements, a Research Assistant and President of the Psychology Society. I drew upon each of these experiences when making graduate scheme applications and interviews. I think my experience within these roles, as well as juggling a full-time degree, developed skills such as time management, organisation and taking initiative, which are all vital in my current work".

When she started her degree, Erin wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She felt that her time at Greenwich helped to open her eyes in terms of potential career paths she could pursue: "I hoped that the course would give me a variety of options for my career path. I began university unsure of what I wanted to do as a future career. However, the experience at Greenwich helped me to figure out what I did and didn't want to do. After I graduated with a First, I took an admin role in a training department and applied for graduate schemes".

Erin reflects on the struggles of applying for graduate schemes and how she persevered through it to secure a job she now loves: "I was unsuccessful for a lot of my applications, so I would advise graduates who are struggling to find work after university that it's okay. Keep going and be kind to yourself. I was eventually successful in getting onto the Civil Service Fast Stream Social ResearchScheme and I now currently work as a Social Researcher in a government department. I conduct research that affects government policies and I love it. It's a challenging and very rewarding job and I can't thank Greenwich enough in helping me get there!".

Overall, Erin has very fond memories of her time at Greenwich and would happily recommend the course to anyone who is currently considering it: "I would recommend the Psychology degree at theUniversity of Greenwich, particularly for those who know they are interested in people and behaviours but are not quite sure what their career path may look like prior to joining. The degree gives a great stepping stone towards your future career as it enables you to develop transferable skills, meaning even if you do not end up being a Psychologist, the degree gives you a good range of skills to take with you wherever you go. I would also recommend taking up as many opportunities as you can during your time. The combination of my degree and experiences at Greenwich prepared me well for my research career and for wherever the future may take me too".