Mathematics and Computer Science is a rewarding combination of study


An application through Clearing led Helin Cinko to her unique course, which combines mathematics with computer science.

A unique programme in a vibrant location

I came to the University of Greenwich through Clearing. I found it smooth and efficient, it was less stressful than I expected and I felt very welcomed. I chose to study at the University of Greenwich because the BSc Mathematics and Computer Science programme is designed to provide a solid theoretical foundation, while also emphasising practical skills and real-world applications. I applied for and received the Greenwich Bursary, and with the bursary I was able to buy stationary and other supplies that I needed for university.

I also wanted to study at Greenwich because its location is in London. The city is a global hub for technology, innovation, and finance, offering numerous opportunities for internships, industry connections, and networking.

Greenwich gives you possibilities

The university's Faculty of Engineering and Science consists of experienced professionals who are actively engaged in research and industry collaborations, ensuring that students receive up-to-date knowledge and insights.

Studying at University of Greenwich, I have access to a vibrant tech ecosystem that enhances my learning experience and provides valuable exposure to potential career paths. During my time here, I became a Student Ambassador, and this has helped me get to know the Greenwich Campus, as well as meet new people from other courses. Some of the events I have helped out with are Open Days, the Digital Shark Expo, and AMSP SUMS Event.

A rewarding combination of subjects

I enjoy mathematical challenges, puzzles and problem-solving and by taking part in an internship during sixth form I was exposed to the vast career opportunities that were available by studying mathematics and computer science degrees. Studying mathematics and computer science can open doors to a world of opportunities and provide a solid foundation for a rewarding career. By engaging with abstract concepts and algorithms it can be intellectually satisfying and fosters a mindset of continuous learning growth.

One of the reasons why studying a BSc Mathematics and Computer Science is so appealing is the intellectual stimulation it offers. My degree challenges me to think critically, solve complex problems, and apply logical reasoning.

Mathematics and computer science are versatile fields that intersect with numerous other disciplines. Having a strong foundation in these subjects will open doors to various career paths. Some of the career opportunities are in areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, finance, cryptography, software development, research, academia and many more.

Clearing is now open

If you haven’t applied to university or if you would now like to study at Greenwich, we will help you find your ideal course.