Introduction to the Change Management Toolkit



In today's rapidly changing world, the ability to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity is a necessary life skill. Whilst change can make us feel uneasy and be a challenging process, our ability to deal with it is something that can be developed through experience and by drawing on the support that is available – including the information laid out in this toolkit.

This toolkit provides a six step framework (from determining the case for change, through to embedding change), which will help staff plan for and manage change. It is important to remember though that change is rarely straightforward or linear, and the success of any change initiative is ultimately highly dependent on people's adaptability. Being able to adapt requires an awareness of how change is affecting both you, and those around you, and this toolkit aims to increase your awareness of the effects of change - including the range of emotional responses that you and others may experience at different stages and to differing levels.

The framework laid out in this toolkit will be one way of helping staff navigate these dynamics, by defining the key steps and providing access to useful resources. All change, however, is dependent on those involved making judgements, responding appropriately to situations and changes within the work environment, and dealing with unknowns/ambiguity. Whilst giving you sound guidance, this toolkit should therefore be used within this context and with other additional resources.    

Change at the university:

The higher education landscape is continually evolving, and like many sectors, will face a number of both challenges and opportunities over the next few years and beyond. The university's brand and values position us well to respond to external changes, by ensuring that our focus is placed on the most important outcomes for our students and staff. Indeed, the focus of any change at the university should ultimately support our overall ambitions as laid out in our Strategic Plan.