1. Using the toolkit


In any period of change, it is essential to learn, reflect and adapt. This toolkit is here to support you through this process so, as to enable positive change.

Using this toolkit

This toolkit is intended to support all staff members at the University of Greenwich through the process of change. Some sections are intended primarily to help those who lead change, although this information can help anyone become more adaptable to change. The toolkit covers a range of factors that you will need to consider during any change process, which are presented both in bite-size sections to support you through the typical stages of change, and as one downloadable handbook – which focuses on helping managers understand the psychology of change.

If you are carrying out a restructure, it is essential to follow the University's policy, and to contact Human Resources. Other change projects, especially ones that may require IT support, will require you to contact the ILS directorate and to read the appropriate project management documentation before undertaking work.

Change Management resources