An improved Balanced Academic Workload for academic staff Articles

A university working group led by Frances Hewison, HR Director, and project leads Dr Steve Woodhead and Dr Jodie Weatherall, has been working to provide an improved Balanced Academic Workload system* (BAW2) for the university. The system supports Heads of Department and individuals manage academic workloads and is part of the university's Academic Framework, and we expect all salaried academics to have a BAW2 profile for the 2017/18 academic year.


The updated Balanced Academic Workload system:

  • Supports the annual appraisal process for academics, enabling them to plan and deliver the requirements of their role, while maintaining well-being and career progression.
  • Is supported by a descriptor document which provides guidance on the principals and framework of the online system.

More information is available on the BAW2 webpages, if you have a question or want more information please contact

* Academic workload allocation tools capture different aspects of academic roles to ensure there is equitable recognition of the effort and elements and are commonly used by Higher Education Institutions.