Archi've remembered: Woolwich at War and 'Doomed Youth'


See an exhibition from the University Archive of records relating to Woolwich Polytechnic (one of the university's predecessors) from the First World War.

For one week only, this exhibition will be on display in the exhibition space at Stockwell Street.

This temporary exhibition, which is on display until 3 December, displays records relating to Woolwich Polytechnic during the First World War.

  • 'Woolwich at War' contains extracts from the Woolwich Polytechnic Magazine and other Records
  • 'Doomed Youth' remembers the students and staff of the Polytechnic who lost their lives as a consequence of the war.

If you aren't able to come along in person to see the exhibition, do take a look at our Library Service blog post: Armistice Centenary Commemoration 2018, which includes some excerpts from the Woolwich Polytechnic Magazine and photos from the time.

Did you know?

On 11 November 1998, the 80th anniversary of the Armistice, a new University War Memorial was dedicated in the Woolwich Island Site buildings; it is now in the south entrance to Dreadnought. 

It was designed by Peter Doyle, a member of university staff after painstaking research to recreate the three lost memorials for Woolwich Polytechnic and Polytechnic Secondary Schools students and staff, and members of the Athletic Club.