Updated to include staff guidance for the new policy which comes into effect from 2 January 2018 and provides a framework for monitoring attendance and encouraging engagement.

A new Attendance and Engagement Policy for students will come into effect from the start of the January 2018 term.  

The policy which has been discussed and approved by the Student Experience Committee, and by Academic Council.  It aims to provide a framework for monitoring attendance and encouraging engagement that is both understanding of the issues and pressures facing students and enables us to ensure that all students are fully engaged with their studies.

The policy is included on our web site, along with our other student regulations, policies and procedures.

All students have been informed by email of the content and implementation of the policy.  There will also be a news item for students on the Portal at the start of term, and information will also be included in the Academic Skills hub.  

(Update) You can find further guidance, which you should read in conjunction with the policy, and covers faculty responsibilities, planned absences and right of appeal as well as useful contacts.

Please refer to the Personal Tutoring Handbook for more information on how to support students with attendance and/or engagement. 

If you have questions about monitoring student attendance and engagement, please contact your Faculty Retention & Support Officer: