Brand implementation – an evolution, not revolution Articles

Since we launched our updated brand externally at the start of 2017 a lot has happened, but we know there's still more to do as we adopt an "evolution, not revolution" approach, aiming to replace materials at natural change points.

We've started work on our new Brand Centre, which will hold our branded documents, and appointed rbl to project manage our brand implementation. The Brand Audit which took place in October 2016 consulted with people in each faculty and directorate to identify our critical milestones, as well as where we have low stocks of printed materials.

Our new portal went live in November with our new look and feel and in early January our core website was also updated, along with our core social media accounts.  The new style logo and PowerPoint template are available on the Branding Guidance page and we'll share more information as we work through the implementation plan and when other templates are available for use.If you have any questions please send them to