The exhibition celebrates the richness and diversity of our alumni community, with the majority of portraits on display celebrating our scientists and engineers.

Greenwich Portraits celebrates outstanding alumni from across our university, but a new exhibition that's underway in the Pembroke Building celebrates outstanding graduates who studied in our Faculty of Engineering & Science.

This exhibition includes historic figures who have made game changing contributions to the world of science and technology alongside more recent alumni who are making a difference every day through creativity, research and education.  Professor Martin Snowden, Pro-Vice Chancellor

So who's featured in the exhibition?

  • Dr Louise Vincer - Louise graduated with first class honours and was named PhD student of the year. She's now a Senior Scientist for GlaxoSmithKline who works on its biggest oral health brands.
  • Dr Frances Hawkes - Frances is a Research Scientist at our Natural Resources Institute. Her research on a new trap for malaria mosquitoes in Africa was the subject of a BBC documentary called "Our World: Living with malaria".
  • Thomas 'Tommy' Flowers MBE - Tommy designed and built Colossus, the world's first programmable electronic computer that helped to decrypt German messages during World War II.

Louise, Frances and Tommy will feature in a new series of Greenwich Portraits, look out for more details next term.

From Greenwich Portraits 2017:

From Greenwich Portraits 2016:

But head over to Pembroke Building and take a look for yourself!