Take action now to continue using the Employability & Careers Service for two years after you graduate Articles

Our Online Careers Centre has many tools to help you in your future career or study path, including industry reports, hundreds of Career Pathway videos, Practice Tests (numerical, verbal, personality, etc.), an Assessment Centre Tool, a Job Search engine, and more.

To make sure you access continues please check your email account is set to your personal email address.

To do this follow these steps:

  • Go to www.gre.ac.uk/employability
  • Click on E-Learning Centre, which is the university's Online Careers Centre
  • Sign-up via usual portal access
  • Once you are in the system go to My Profile and include your personal email in the Alumni Access section to retain access.

Join our Alumni Association

You can also register with our Alumni Association to stay in contact with the university here: http://alumni.gre.ac.uk/

About your university IT account

University IT accounts for completing students will be disabled 90 days after the Date of Decision.

This date varies from course to course, and you can find your date by clicking on the "View Your Student Profile" link in the "Student Records (BannerWeb)". After this 90 day period, you will not be able to access your files, your email or any other university resources.

For more information and guidance concerning the withdrawal of university IT and Library services after you leave, please see our Leaving the University pages.