Digital transformation rewarded at the University of Greenwich


Innovative and creative use of technology has seen the University of Greenwich win a prestigious international award.

Innovative and creative use of technology has seen the University of Greenwich win a prestigious international award.

The Ellucian Impact Award is open to higher education institutions who are inspiring others to push the boundaries of technology and innovation.

The annual award recognises an institution using technology to solve challenges, operate more efficiently, and offer a better student experience.

The university collaborated with long-term partner Ellucian to better connect the campuses.

Paul Butler, Director of Information & Library Services, said: "This award is a real honour for us. Our digital strategy is about the application of technology rather than the technology itself. We're building on that foundation so we can focus on people, processes, skills and outcomes.

"Our One University model has become a really important cultural aspect to us. It says that everything we do at Greenwich is aligned. We try to use simple systems and a common way of operating so we can reduce waste and be as efficient and effective as possible."

Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Harrington added: "Our top priority is the student experience. It drives everything we do and everything that we think about.

"Ellucian Banner has made a big difference to us because it has streamlined what we do. If students are talking about your record system, you're doing it wrong. At Greenwich they just take it for granted. This award will drive us to make further improvements and think about where we want to be in the future."

The organisers praised Greenwich's use of technology to offer a better student experience. They added that it shows an understanding that, when it is at its best, technology enables people to reach their full potential.

The university developed a four-year digital strategy for the second phase of a decade-long digital transformation program. The purpose of this plan is to:

* Change student lives through outstanding teaching and learning

  • Enhance science and society through inspiring research and enterprise
  • Support and develop staff
  • Enhance the digital environment

Greenwich's key "One University" initiative is driven by the idea of a united community. The university used Ellucian Banner to evolve their processes and create an efficient academic organisation.

"This system is being used effectively and we're seeing an impact," added Paul. "There is also a clear and demonstrable link between the use of technology and improved outcomes. Demonstrating value from smart investments linked to an institutional strategy ultimately help the university achieve its goals and the outcomes and impact go far beyond the technology itself."