These new, automatically updated Organisational Charts are available via the portal and provide an easy way to navigate our organisation.

We are introducing a new online Organisational Charting service using new interactive software 'OrgChart Now' which is available for all staff.  You can access our organisation charts on the 'Staff Services' tab of the portal.


During its initial launch you will also be able to access our organisation charts from the home page of the portal. 

Although it is intuitive and easy-to-use, you can find further guidance in the 'guides and technical' section of our Staff Development Hub.

The charts update daily using data from our HR and Payroll system, so they will always be up-to-date and will no longer need to be maintained locally.

Two types of organisational chart are available:

  • the 'Positions Chart', which shows the line management reporting structure in terms of employees in permanent or fixed term salaried positions (hourly paid and non-contractual staff are not included)
  • the 'Organisations Chart', which shows the university's hierarchy of organisation units.

We'll also use a chart showing our senior management team on our website.

Other functionality includes:

  • the ability to export charts into image files, spreadsheets and dynamic PDFs,
  • searching for specific people in our organisation,
  • drilling down through the charts and our organisational structure, using the black arrows underneath a manager's box,
  • illustrating the vacancies that exist in the university,
  • displaying brief contact, organisation and employment information in the 'Profile' panel, and
  • displaying profile photos uploaded using Outlook - if you'd like to add your photo, then please see the guidance link above.

What next?

HR will continue to develop the organisational charts and a hybrid of the two charts available shortly, together with e-learning materials.  

Additional information, such as room and phone numbers will be added to the 'Profile' panel in a later release and there will also be views for managers which include extra contractual data such as FTE and Headcount stats.

If you have any questions about our new Organisational Charting service please contact