Encouraging subject-based pedagogic research at Greenwich Articles

As part of the university's research strategy, pedagogical research has been identified as a key element for the development and growth of research activity within the university. This initiative brings together a number of university agendas, for example: career pathways, in particular those aligning themselves with the teaching and scholarship pathway, research-informed teaching, the annual teaching and learning conferences and publications, and the existing activities of EDU and the eCentre research group.


The first event, hosted by the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities on 26 May trained about 50 staff and research students in statistical techniques for research. Professor Javier Bonet and Professor Susan Lea have agreed an initiative for the creation of a new pan-university research group, current working title "Greenwich Educational Network: Enterprise and Research Interdisciplinary Centre" led by Professor Liz Bacon, working closely with Professor Lachlan MacKinnon and Simon Walker.


However, we believe this title may be too "GENERIC" so we are looking for an acronym which is more reflective of our research focus. Please submit your suggestions at https://tinyurl.com/pedagogicalresearch. There is a mystery prize for the person who can come up with something better than GENERIC.

To help you think about the title, here is a list of the proposed activities of this research group, but all thoughts and suggestions are very welcome:

  • supporting staff with similar interests in finding each other and undertaking joint interdisciplinary research,
  • mentoring,
  • training in ethics, statistical packages, examples of pedagogic research undertaken and statistical techniques used,
  • guidance on where to publish for both conferences and journals.

Ultimately the plan is also to involve our Transnational Education (TNE) partners to undertake joint research and grow our Postgraduate Research (PGR) population etc.

Get involved

A series of roadshows will be held on each campus in the autumn with the support of DVCs to raise more awareness of this initiative. In addition to a website and a Moodle course, a mailing list for those interested in getting involved will be set up, please email Kaya John if you would like to join.

Please do keep your faculty representatives for this initiative informed of your activities. These are Kristina Masuwa-Morgan (FES), Jane Barnard (FEH), Hanna Yakavenka (FoB) and Liz Bacon (ACH).

Researchers at all levels are very welcome, from those who have never published before to those who plan to be submitted to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and may already be part of a separate discipline focused research group.

We look forward to working with you.