Reminder: Entering assessment information in BannerWeb for 2017-18 academic year Articles

As a reminder, LQSC have reaffirmed that all formative and summative assessment deadline data must be entered into BannerWeb.

This is mandatory for all courses and information must be provided to BannerWeb as the authoritative source. An audit will be presented to LQSC (Learning Quality and Standards Committee) at the first meeting in the Autumn term.

From 18 September, students will be able to view their courses and assessment deadlines through BannerWeb self-service, including a map of their assessment journey from 1 September 2017 to 1 August 2018. 

Two views will be available to staff:

  1. Personal tutor management system view, showing tutors the assessment map for each of their students and
  2. Staff view, enabling staff to view individual students' assessment maps.

For further information on how to add this information to BannerWeb, please see this brief guide which covers:

  • Selecting a CRN for your course
  • Setting deadline information for an assessment component
  • Adding deadlines for refer/defer assessments
  • Adding deadlines for courses also run at partner colleges
  • Removing information that has not yet been submitted
  • Editing submitted information.

Please note: this is separate from creating Header Sheets in BannerWeb; if you use header sheets you need to complete these in the usual way.