Improving our university branded items Articles

With the Students' Union we've reviewed the university branded merchandise available for students, family, alumni and staff to purchase as gifts/promotional material.  Our new product range, which will be available for July Graduations, has been updated to reflect our brand refresh, demonstrates our quality and contains items we know our students want, including greater personalisation for clothing items.

All items can be purchased using the Students' Union online shop, in the Village Shop in Avery Hill (next to the Dome), by emailing or purchased/ordered at the stands they will run at Graduation events.  This not only streamlines the purchasing process but enables the Students' Union to maintain income through our new profit sharing agreement.

There will also be a smaller range of promotional items available from the university main supplier.  Work on identifying these items is underway, Marketing Communications are leading this in conjunction with the Communications Consultative Group, which each faculty and directorate is represented on.

If you have any questions about our product range or promotional items then please contact