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Information Security: It’s all of our responsibility Articles

Information Security has dominated the news recently and the ransomware attack which affected the NHS has highlighted the need for everyone to take responsible steps. You have received information from ILS by email, but to reiterate:

  1. Never open an attachment which you are not 100% certain is from a secure source.
  2. Do not use personal email accounts at work and never open an attachments, even if you believe it to be safe.
  3. Never use your personal email account for work purposes and never forward university emails, data or attachments to your personal account.
  4. Do not access personal social media accounts using university PCs as they often contain links to sites which contain malware.
  5. Please ensure your laptop updates are switched on and everyone who has a university laptop should bring it to one of the drop in sessions being held every day this week between 9.30 am and 4.30pm at the following locations:
    • Mansion Computing Lab (M010), Avery Hill campus
    • Fry Computing Lab (F100), Avery Hill campus
    • Queen Mary Computing Lab (QM446), Greenwich campus
    • Nelson Computing Lab (N108), Medway campus.

At present only a quarter of staff have completed the Information Security Awareness Course, all staff are encouraged to complete this course, which can be found on the Learning Support page on the portal, and to read the latest Information Security bulletin which covers various good practices on email and internet safety.

As always if you encounter anything suspicious please contact the IT Service Desk on 020 8331 7555 or email