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With three events completed – Lacrosse, Gaming and the Quiz – it's time to take our first look at the league table:

PositionTeam colourTeamPoints
1YellowFinance, HR and GRE120
2BlackE&F and SAS90
3PinkEDU, VCO, SU and GKU staff80
4WhiteC&R and ILS40
8BlueFES, NRI and Pharmacy0

But there's still a long way to go and there's still plenty of time - and events - for you to get involved. Take a look at the events programme and plan your tactics so your team lift the trophy at our final event.

Next Wednesday (23 November) there's Badminton in the Sports Hall at Medway, if you've already signed up to take part - good luck - we're looking forward to another great evening. It's not just for competitors though, if you want to have a go at badminton then this is the event for you too, take a look at the event information and get in touch with your coordinator.

What is the Greenwich Olympiad?

It's a great opportunity for staff and students to come together and take part in a number of fun events such as a quiz night, hockey, badminton, table tennis, lacrosse, and more besides.  Events will take place at our three campuses and transport will be provided for those taking part.  It's a good opportunity to get involved and for colleagues to get to know one another outside their normal work environment.

Although there will be a competitive element to activities, the Olympiad has been designed specifically to be a friendly competition and is equally about having fun, bringing people together and providing staff and students with the opportunity to participate in something new.  

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