Lecture Capture: supporting information for staff


This article pulls together the information to support you, with links to the policy and FAQs, the Moodle training course and more.

Alongside the policy and FAQs, the online help material included in the Moodle training course includes a slide which you can download and use with your presentations to inform students the session is being recorded and video tutorials covering:

  • Automated lecture capture
  • How to edit in Panopto
  • How to add a YouTube video to a Panopto recording
  • How to link a video from Panopto into Moodle
  • How to download and install the Panopto Desktop Recorder and
  • A guide to the Panoptop Desktop recorder

You can access these video tutorials, and more, on the video tutorials home page. There is also a Moodle course which covers Panopto and Copyright.

We recognise this is a busy period preparing for teaching and the policy establishes the right for a member of staff to make a case for not recording a lecture. Staff requesting opt-out must complete the opt-out form