Moodle and Turnitin upgrade 4 July 2017 Articles

On Tuesday 4 July 2017, we will upgrade Moodle to version 3.2, which contains a number of new features, including:

  • A media player as default, that ensures sound and video are responsive, accessible and configurable.
  • Changes to the look and feel: a new theme which will give a fresh new look as well as improving navigation and editing
  • A new notification and messaging system, with improved search and message functionality.
  • Enhanced reporting: graphs and charts which offer interactive, responsive displays with accessible alternatives.

You can find more information about Moodle 3.2's new features in the latest release notes or in the video below.

We will also release Turnitin version 2 on the same day

If you currently have Turnitin version 1 assignments which are due after 4 July will operate in the same way as now; students will be able to submit their papers and you will be able to mark them.

All new assignments created after 4 July will be created using the new Turnitin version, which offers new functionality, including additional grading options, better rubrics and is easier to set up your assignment start and due dates, as they are on the same set up screen (see the image below).

To help ensure a smooth upgrade please avoid creating assignments due on/around 4 July as the system will be set to 'read only' mode for that day.


Marking an assignment in the new version of Turnitin will also have a fresh new look and feel; the video below compares both versions and is a good way to familiarise yourself with Turnitin's new layout.

If you have any questions about these upgrades please contact the ILS Service Desk.