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More ideas following the Medway Open Space session Articles

Since the Open Space session at Medway on the 18 January there's been plenty more ideas added into the Ideas Centre. While it might have been a smaller session, there were still plenty of ideas. Some of the recent additions include:

  • Recruiting more PhD students
  • Moving the application cycle for VC PhD studentships to better align with competitor universities
  • Making space for a multi-faith Prayer Room in Stockwell Street Library 
  • Second hand shop on site or clothes swap days
  • Making our jobs as easy as possible - Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Recognising & 'Rewarding' staff for an 'Organisational Role'

But there's plenty more too, and there's still plenty of time to get involved either adding your views to the existing ideas or submitting your own ideas. You can add your ideas online without attending an Open Space session; to do this you'll need to register for an account, which is simple to do, see Share your ideas in the Ideas Centre for more details.

The next Open Space event will take place on Greenwich campus on 8 February. Because this session is oversubscribed, we will run an additional session at Greenwich, and will be in contact with those of you who have accepted the appointment with more details.

But until then here's a few pictures from the Medway Open Space session: