National Student Survey (NSS) for 2017 Articles

The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback from all students at the end of their studies, by asking them to answer 27 questions relating to various aspects of their course. They also have the opportunity to share what they love about our university as well as the things they'd change.

The survey is conducted for three main reasons:

  1. To inform student decisions, enabling prospective students to compare courses at different institutions when decided what and where to study.
  2. To provide information to enhance the student learning experience, as universities and colleges used the results to help develop their courses and facilities for future students.
  3. To support quality assurance and accountability, the survey provides information as part of the quality assurance system and contributes to the public accountability of higher education.

Here at Greenwich we value what you, our students, tell us through any of our feedback channels and encourage those of you who are eligible to complete this survey.

Here's the link to complete the National Student Survey.

Find out more

  • Talk to your tutor and lecturers about the NSS and the questions it contains, if they haven't already spoken to you.
  • Talk to the Student Union, who are fully supportive of the NSS; they'll be visiting lectures as part of their Lecture Shout Out round 2.
  • Read the FAQs on the National Student Survey site
  • Or speak to the Director of Student Experience in your faculty, they are:
    • Business: Colin Allen
    • FEH: Christopher Philpot
    • ACH: Corine Delage
    • FES: Michael McGibbon

Watch the official NSS video for further details about the survey.