71.9% - our current completion rate for week 12 of the National Student Survey Articles

The National Student Survey (NSS) opened for eligible final year students back in January, and we believe it's important and it really can help make a positive difference to university life. The most recent data – for week 12 – shows that so far 71.9% of our eligible students have completed the survey, here's the completion rate by faculty:

The survey closes at midnight on Sunday 30 April, Ipsos Mori will send a final email reminder to students who have not yet completed the survey on Tuesday 25 April. 

Here's the link to complete the National Student Survey.

To find out more about the survey and how we act on what you tell us speak to your tutors and lecturers or the Director of Student Experience in your faculty, they are:

    • Business: Colin Allen
    • FEH: Christopher Philpot
    • ACH: Corine Delage
    • FES: Michael McGibbon.