Complete the NSS or GSS and raise money for Mind, the mental health charity


For every survey completed by a Greenwich student the university will donate £1 to Mind, the charity chosen by our Students' Union.

We all know that experiencing high levels of wellbeing is vital. Maintaining good mental resilience can help us cope with the pressure and reduce the impact that stress has on our lives. We also know that mental health is a big issue for everyone, especially young adults across the country.  With an increase in demand for support services and longer waiting lists and suicide rates increasing, our Students' Union have once again chosen to support Mind, a charity that can make a real difference towards improving mental health.

Last year the university donated £2,671 to Mind for completed National Student Surveys (NSS) by Greenwich students. 

This year the university will donate £1 to Mind for every completed NSS and Greenwich Student Survey (GSS) completed by Greenwich students, because we agree that mental health is important to everyone. 

Please complete either the NSS or GSS* and share your thoughts on your studies and raise money for better mental health.

Looking after our wellbeing, whether that's our mental health, physical health or connecting with nature and community, also helps us to cope better with day-to-day challenges, and puts us in a stronger position to reach our aspirations and goals. You can find practical articles and resources to support your wellbeing in our Wellbeing hub.

* The NSS is open to final year undergraduates until 30 April.  The GSS is open to non-final year undergraduates until 28 February.