A new way to report accidents and incidents from 1 August Articles

You should use the new system for all work or study related incidents, including:

  • Injury, illness, non-injury including near miss, property damage, environmental and road traffic accidents,
  • Threatening behaviour or physical abuse,
  • Security, including theft, loss and trespass,
  • Fire and/or fire alarms,
  • Safeguarding concerns.

Please remember that prompt reporting allows for effective investigations to take place.

From 1 August there will be a "Report an accident or incident" button (see below) on the Staff Services page on the Staff portal and on the Help & Advice page on the Student portal. 


Visitors and contractors should also use the new system

A self-register link will be available on the H&S webpages from 1 August to enable staff and students from other institutions, contractors and visitors to use the system to report accidents or incidents which take place on University of Greenwich controlled premises.  Staff and students from other institutions should also report the accident or incident following their institution's procedures.  First aiders should also record any assistance they provide.

Please note: If the affected person cannot submit the report themselves, someone else should do this on their behalf and once it is safe to do so.  

What happens when you report an accident or incident

Once a report has been submitted it will be allocated to the appropriate person for investigation and to identify any remedial actions. H&S Unit must report certain accidents to the Health and Safety Executive within specified time limits, so it is essential that you inform H&S Unit immediately of any accidents which cause serious injuries or absence.

If you have any questions please contact safetyunit@gre.ac.uk.