Our University Student Protection Plan


As a higher education provider registered with the Office for Students (OfS), we are required to publish a Student Protection Plan. Please note that we are following the OfS guidance for providers during the current coronavirus pandemic.

The University's Student Protection Plan for 2019/20 has been approved by the Office for Students and sets out the university's arrangements for protecting the quality and continuity of study for our students. It is tailored to the university's specific circumstances, and is based on an assessment of the extent of the risks to the continuation of study for our students. It is reviewed each year by the Governing Body.

The plan sets out, in a general way, the measures which the university has in place to mitigate the risks to students' continuity of study which we think may be reasonably likely to crystallise during normal operations. These risks include closure of a collaborative partnership; changes to supervision arrangements for PhD students; relocation of a programme; closure of a programme; and changes to a programme. 

During the force majeure event of the coronavirus pandemic, we are following the OfS's guidance for providers on ensuring continuity of study and the maintenance of academic standards.

The Student Protection Plan is linked to and supported by: