PC Availability and study areas on Greenwich campus


Our university app shows you in real-time where there are PCs available. This article highlights areas on Greenwich campus which you can use and includes areas with PCs and without.

You can download our improved university app from from both the Apple App store and Google Play - if you used it last year, then you'll notice the difference straightaway, it's worth a look.  

You can also find Check PC Availability from the My Learning tab on the portal.

BuildingRoom number 
DreadnoughtD25081 PCs
 D015, D018, D022, D024, D025Bookable study spaces – book at the Students' Union Welcome Desk in the Atrium
 D019A, D019BBookable study spaces – book online on the Portal
 D263Social study area
 AtriumSocial study area
Queen AnneQA01527 PCs
 QA11527 PCs
 QA163Informal study area
 QA170Informal study area
 QA177Informal study area
 QA26352 PCs (and printer)
 QA27025 PCs
Queen MaryQM14020 PCs (and printer)
 QM446104 PCs (and printer)

If you need to leave your desk for more than a few minutes, please use the "Take A Break" software (the icon's on your Desktop), which will lock your PC with an onscreen countdown for 40 minutes - make sure you save your work, as if you don't come back the software will log you out.