PGR Students: Continuing your research at the end of term and over the Christmas period


Following university guidance Peter Griffiths shares how you can continue your research activities within university safe procedures and government guidance

You will have seen the recent update on the university-specific guidance for the end of term. During this time the university's research facilities remain open until 22 December when the university closes for the Christmas break, and thereafter will adhere to the usual Christmas closure arrangements. The university reopens on 5 January 2021.

Access to research laboratories to provide essential maintenance of equipment and activities that cannot be interrupted will follow standard out-of-hours processes. You will be able to continue your in-person research activities though, where possible, research should be carried out at home, or without gathering with others. It is important that you follow the university Covid-Safe guidance and the government guidance in place.

The government is also introducing a voluntary programme of rapid Covid-19 testing for universities to support the return of students to their non-term time address. You will be able to access any rapid testing put in place. The details of these are being worked through and further information will be shared once the details have been confirmed.

I recommend that you discuss your plans for the holiday period, including dates of any travel to/from campus with your supervisor.

Your safety and wellbeing are our priority and at this time it is paramount to look after yourself and those around you. The university's support services are also available for you to use. You can find the details of the Student Wellbeing Service and the Students Union Advice Service on our website.

Please continue to stay safe and on behalf of RETI, we wish you all a restful time over the holiday period.

Peter Griffiths

Director of Research and Enterprise