Second year students on the Accelerated Primary Education Degree have reaped the benefits of visiting the Edible Garden on the Avery Hill Campus as part of their Engaging Primary Learners course.

One of the objectives of the course is for students to consider different contexts for learning and how they may promote engagement, which the Edible Garden fully supports.

It help students develop their understanding of this fundamental aspect of education, demonstrates how learning can be fun and also challenges their ideas of learning.

Katherine Vallely, a Practitioner in Primary Teacher Education and Alison Hales, Senior Lecturer in Primary Education say that just by being outdoors increases the vitality of learning taking place with students showing motivation, enthusiasm and curiosity in learning new skills. 

As well as wishing they'd known about the garden in Year 1 and commenting on how much they'd learnt in two hours, the students were also keen to challenge themselves by taking part in activities they'd previously avoided - worm anyone?


Get involved. Challenge yourself. Find your motivation. Embrace the unknown.

If you want to get involved with the Edible Garden you'd be very welcome - the possibilities are endless: you could take part in pond dipping, get involved with lopping, see toads and field mice in their natural habitat, dig up some fresh produce to take home and enjoy, or simply just get your hands muddy!

Take a look at the Edible Garden webpages and if you'd like to join the Community Garden Group then email ­