Sitting exams in April or May?


Advice on how to find out when and where your exams are and remember you MUST bring your student ID card to the exam.

You can find out when and where you will be sitting your exams by clicking on the 'Timetable' quick link at the top of the page, select 'My Timetable' and weeks 33-35 or alternatively via the student mobile app

Please note:

  • You MUST bring your student ID card to the exam, if you do not have your ID card on your person you will not be permitted to sit your exam.
  • If you are studying at Greenwich campus you may be sitting your exams at the Daniel Defoe Hall (approx. 15 minute walk from the main campus) or on the Avery Hill Sports Hall, Southwood site accessible via the university bus service - see maps for Greenwich campusAvery Hill Campus and University Bus timetable, or look in the student mobile app for this information.

Please check your timetable regularly for any unavoidable changes. If you have difficulty seeing your exam timetable, contact your Faculty Exams Office.