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St Alfege, at the centre of the community Articles

Alison will explore the relationship between the church and community, and analyse their interactions looking at three key points in history. She'll also look at the church building to shine new light on its rich heritage and hidden spaces in the church and ties in with the St Alfege project – Heart of Greenwich, Place and People.  

Heart of Greenwich, Place and People project

This project, which has received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, aims to pen up the church's hidden spaces and rich heritage for everyone. As part of this they are inviting members of the local community to have their say at the church on Sunday 12 February between 12.00 noon and 3.00pm.  

They are looking to hear your views on:

  • The most popular stories from the history of St Alfege Church
  • The ways in which you would like to discover more about their heritage
  • The main barriers you think the church currently faces drawing people in to find out more about their heritage.

There will be activities, a Place and People photographic exhibition, and an opportunity to visit the crypt, a "hidden space" in the church, which is currently rarely open to visitors.

Lunchtime recitals at St Alfege

St Alfege holds weekly lunchtime recitals each Thursday and Saturday, starting at 13:05pm, and everyone is also welcome to attend these free events. 

For more information visit the St Alfege website.