Ibrahim Takar, President of the university's Islamic Society shares more about their current charity campaign supporting orphans around the world and how you can help.

The university's Islamic Society (ISOC) are prolific fundraisers, you may have seen them around campus earlier this month raising money for their latest campaign to support orphans around the world by raising money for Ummah Welfare Trust's Orphan Sponsorship Programme.

Over to Ibrahim Takar, President of the Islamic Society: 

We're an organisation committed to providing brothers and sisters with the means to thrive whilst at university through the use of events, social gatherings and other types of activities.  We welcome all students and staff, of all beliefs and backgrounds, to help them understand Islam, live by its teachings and principles. We believe that working for Islam is not just about campaigning for Muslim rights, but also about sharing Islam's view on God, life and society.

Over the course of 2016/17 we have raised over £14k in just two charity week campaigns, and the money raised will go towards building water wells in the Philippines and our current campaign sponsoring orphans in regions around the world.

We'd welcome your support for our current charity campaign, so if you are able to, please donate using our online donation page.

Thank you.