Join us for an afternoon of sport this week, as all of our home fixtures are on Wednesday this week.

This week's home fixtures:

Badminton, Sports hall  
Weds 29 Nov16.15Mens 1s vs Middlesex 1s
Hockey, Hockey pitch  
Weds 29 Nov14.00Womens 1s vs King's College 5s
 16.00Mens 1s vs Essex 1s
Football, Sparrows Farm  
Weds 29 Nov13:00Mens 1s vs King's College 2s
 14.00Mens 4s vs Queen Mary 4s
 13.30Mens 5s vs King's College 6s
Netball, Sports hall  
Weds 29 Nov13.152s vs Writtle 1s
 14.453s vs East London 3s   cancelled
Rugby, Well Hall  
Weds 29 Nov14.001s vs Queen Mary 3


Our results from last week:

American Football  
Mixed 1s vs East London 1sL0 - 21
Mixed 1s v SOAS 1sL0 - 9
Womens 1s vs Imperial 2sL26 - 47
Mens 5s vs Imperial 7sL2 - 5
Mens 1s vs Brunel 3s (Cup)L1 - 2
Mixed 1s vs UCL 1sW4 - 3
Mens 1s vs Buckingham New 1s (Cup)W2 - 0
Mens 1s vs UCL 4th (Cup)W19 - 5
Mixed 1s vs Royal Holloway 1sW14 - 3