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Reminder: UCAS Results Embargo & your responsibilities Articles

The receipt of these files marks the beginning of Clearing and Confirmation for September 2017 entry.  This year we will receive the SQA – Scottish Examination Results on 1 August and our main A Level results file on 11 August.

This information is under strict embargo and there are strict embargo agreements in place to prevent examination results being leaked to prospective students before their official release. The full details of the embargo and release timetable is:

SQA results fileA Level results file
File received1 August11 August
Embargo6pm on 31 July until 9am on 8 August2pm on 11 August until 6am on 17 August
Official release9am on 8 August6am on 17 August

It is essential we uphold the embargo

UCAS have strict rules about how we communicate with students once we have received the embargoed results data.  We have signed a binding agreement with UCAS and failure to comply with the embargo guidelines (see below) may result in UCAS withdrawing the early receipt of these files. This will severely hamper our ability to recruit through clearing, so please make sure you are aware of what you can and can't do during the embargo period.

Guidelines for staff during the embargo period

The live CRM feed from Banner will be switched off from 6pm on 31 July to 8am* on 17 August.  You will retain access to live Banner data during the embargo period, but you must not allude to any exam results, or change in student status.

To ensure you do not inadvertently release results please ensure that:

  • When you communicate with students who are awaiting results your advice is "your status is not confirmed until you have received your results."
  • You do not confirm – verbally or by email - any results information or changes in status, for example UF – Unconditional Firm to CF - Conditional Firm or CI - Conditional Insurance.
  • Your communications, by email or otherwise, do not indicate confirmation of a place or change in status to UF – Unconditional Firm – this includes sending information such as suggested reading lists and joining information.

Please note: UF - Unconditional Firm students given UC - Unconditional offers may still be pending examinations results and are strictly covered by embargo, any communications with these students must not allude, indirectly or otherwise, to results information.

For further information please see the UCAS Results Embargo FAQs and the Clearing & Confirmation 2017 presentation. Should a breach occur then it should be reported immediately to Robert Mayor, Director of Communications and Recruitment.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the embargo please contact Will Fitzmaurice, Assistant Director Student Registry.

*Note the 08.00 communication on results date is the UCAS recommendation following the 06.00 official release.  UCAS track will go live from 08.00