This year's university Christmas ecard


Look out for this year's card - a view of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site including the University of Greenwich by Peter Kent - in your inbox soon.

Once again we're encouraging you to use an ecard to help reduce our festive carbon footprint and help us continue to improve our sustainability credentials.

To use the ecard you can simply 'forward' the message, but so our ecards look professional please delete all the text that reveals it has been forwarded.  Don't forget to remove the 'FW:' in the subject line and check any 'signature' text that may appear after the image.

If you are sending the ecard to multiple recipients please take care so you don't inadvertently share recipient's email addresses, use 'blind copy' rather than putting a large number of people in the 'To' field, especially if there are personal email addresses amongst those you are sending to.

You may need to add this field to your message, do this by clicking the Options tab, and in the Show Fields section, click Bcc. You can add addresses to this field in the usual way.

Also, when sending emails to people outside the university, a warning message is displayed, so you can check you are sending your message to the correct address.