This year’s university Christmas ecard: How to use Articles

Choosing to send our Season's Greetings by ecard is one of the ways we take sustainability seriously and has helped us retain our 1st Class Award in the UK Sustainability league for the sixth year in a row.

We've listened to your feedback too. This year the animated image does not include the university logo so you have the flexibility to add the text you want, nor is it hosted on YouTube.

To use the ecard you can simply 'forward' the message, but so our ecards look professional please delete all the text that reveals it has been forwarded.  Don't forget to remove the 'FW:' in the subject line and any 'signature' text that may appear after the image too.

If you are sending the ecard to multiple recipients do not add email addresses in the 'To' field, as this shows the email addresses to all recipients, use the 'Bcc' field instead. You may need to add this field to your message, do this by clicking the Options tab, and in the Show Fields section, click Bcc. You can add addresses to this field in the usual way.