I hope you are all looking forward to the coming holidays, to taking some rest, and to spending time with friends, families, and loved ones.

The end of the year gives us pause to reflect on just some of the many achievements of our students and staff at the University of Greenwich this year:

  • We have launched our latest strategic plan, 'Making Greenwich Great II', which outlines how we will take the university from strength to strength up to 2022. 
  • A new student hub at Medway and sports pitches at Avery Hill have been the main completions for our estates and facilities team.  These are proving very popular with students and some staff.
  • In June we were awarded a 'Silver' as part of the government's Teaching Excellence Framework. The university was praised for our "personalised provision", "the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding that are highly valued by employers", and our "investment in high quality physical and digital resources".
  • We are in the top 3% of universities in the world, according to the latest QS rankings.  We forget sometimes that all public universities in the UK are amongst the best in the world.
  • In October we were delighted to celebrate the awarding of honorary degrees to alumni of Dartford College and the Martina Bergman-Osterberg Union.  These ceremonies were truly inspirational and I will never forget the look of pleasure on a few of the 80- and 90-year old ladies who successfully made it up the stairs and onto the stage to receive their award.
  • Several of our world-leading researchers have been awarded prestigious grants in subjects as diverse as mathematics, agriculture, computing, education, and tourism. We are proud to have the highest research income of any University Alliance university.

This year we have made significant progress on our promise to develop staff by releasing the career pathways (and associated promotions criteria) for academic staff, and updating the appraisal and balanced academic workload systems.  Look out for pathways for professional services colleagues in 2018.

2018 is already set to be a busy and important year for the university. I am particularly looking forward to the grand opening at the start of the next academic year of the redeveloped Dreadnought building on our Greenwich campus. Dreadnought will become the new home of our Students' Union, many of our student services, and several academic departments.

While there are challenges ahead for us in 2018 and beyond, the fundamentals of our university are sound, and with such great staff and students we look forward to the future with confidence.

In the meantime I want to thank all of our hard-working and dedicated staff for their commitment to the university, to each other, and to our students.  

I also want to wish students well in their studies for the coming January exams and onwards into the rest of the academic year.

I hope you all make the most of the coming break, and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.  I will be relaxing with my family and taking a short excursion to St Ives.

With warm regards and many thanks,

Prof. David Maguire

Prof. David Maguire at Welcome 2017