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We’re proud to be working with the Students' Union to promote the NSS Articles

It's one of the ways that final year undergraduates can help us improve the services we provide to students across the university.

This week saw Vivian Van Lent, VP Education publish "Why we're not boycotting NSS" on the Students' Union site where she talks about their "strong and respected partnership" with the university.

We also think this partnership is something to be proud of and are continuing to work with the Student's Union in many areas, working together to jointly promote the NSS is just one example. 

Find out more

  • Talk to your tutor and lecturers about the NSS and the questions it contains, if they haven't already spoken to you.
  • Talk to the Student Union, they'll be visiting lectures as part of their Lecture Shout Out round 2.
  • Read the FAQs on the National Student Survey site
  • Or speak to the Director of Student Experience in your faculty, they are:
    • Business: Colin Allen
    • FEH: Christopher Philpot
    • ACH: Corine Delage
    • FES: Michael McGibbon