Our Student Ambassador scheme is open to all University of Greenwich students who are eligible to work in the UK, that’s both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

When you apply you will undertake a thorough recruitment process, similar to those you'll experience in the workplace, and successful applicants will be provided with full training for the role. Applicants are considered for both our Student Ambassador and Senior Student Ambassador roles and appointed to the role we feel you are best suited to. For example, Students exhibiting strong leadership skills may be appointed to a Senior Student Ambassador role and may take part in organising events, guiding teams or giving presentations in their work.

Student Ambassadors are paid between £8.27 - £11.63 per hour dependent on the role and location they are working.

'Most of the skills and attributes I am proud of, were developed by working as an ambassador. Most of the projects and events I took part in helped me a lot in gaining confidence and self-esteem, as it involves talking to young individuals. Not only has this improved my academic performance but also endorsed my CV with valuable experience.' – Martin Sanchez Horna