Greenwich Inclusion Plan (GIP) and Extenuating Circumstance (EC) Claims


A Greenwich Inclusion Plan (GIP) that confirms and supports a fluctuating mental health condition and/or long-term medical condition, and/or a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) that permits extra time in exams, can be used as evidence to support an extenuating circumstances (EC) claim.

It must be noted that the reason for the EC claim must be linked to the fluctuating mental health condition and/or long-term medical condition and/or SpLD.

If additional time is required, then this is not automatic. An EC claim with GIP must be made each time this is required.

The GIP will need to be uploaded as a document onto the EC claim.  If the GIP is password protected, then the password must be provided in the EC claim otherwise the panel will not be able to open the GIP and the EC outcome will be delayed. In the ‘Details of the Extenuating Circumstances’ section, please enter the password in the text box.

If you have received a pdf copy of your GIP from Student Wellbeing Service, then the password to this is your date of birth and initials with hyphens, for example 19-09-2003SC

To save the GIP as a document:

  1. Open email received from Student Wellbeing Service titled ‘Greenwich Inclusion Plan Agreement’.

    If you are unable to find the email with the link then please contact to request another email.

  2. Click on the second link under the heading: ‘A permanent link to your plan is below’
  3. Once the GIP is open, click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right of the window and then click on ‘print’.
  4. Change ‘Destination’ to ‘Save as PDF’
  5. Choose the location that you want to save the GIP in.

Evidence can be submitted after an EC claim has been made. The EC online system will need to be returned to and evidence uploaded by the deadline given in the acknowledgement email.

If you have an EC approved for additional 14 calendar days for a module and you find that you will not be able to meet this deadline then you can make another EC claim for deferred/non-submission or impaired performance. You CANNOT make another EC claim for a further 14 calendar days.

To find out more about the University’s extenuating circumstances claim process see here: