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Extenuating circumstances

The Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedure allows you to inform your faculty of circumstances which may have affected your performance in an assessment or exam.

Information regarding the university's COVID-19 guidance for ECs relating to the pandemic

Please see the university's Coronavirus update page for the latest information.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when circumstances beyond your control may affect your performance in an exam or assessment, meaning that the outcome is not a true reflection of your ability. During these situations, it may be appropriate to consider applying for extenuating circumstances. Depending upon the nature and severity of these circumstances, your Faculty may wish to take them into consideration.

If you would like further support in submitting a claim, understanding if you have a claim or any other questions, the Greenwich Students' Union Advice Team and the GKUnions Team are there to help you.

The Extenuating Circumstances Policy & Procedure applies to students on taught programmes of study only. If you are on a Postgraduate research programme of study and are experiencing difficulties, please get in touch with the RETI contact for your Faculty.

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