Visa related information / guidance for Ukrainian nationals applying to the University of Greenwich


The processes and guidance for applying for permission to live and or study in the UK from Ukraine are changing very rapidly. The information below is based on what is the case at the time of writing, but we strongly recommend that you check the UK Government information on immigration for Ukrainian nationals directly.

The UK Government has so far introduced three immigration schemes specific to Ukrainian nationals. All of these routes allow study in the UK, if they are issued to you.

If you are outside the UK

The Ukraine Family Scheme visa is for Ukraine nationals and their family members to join a family member in the UK.  The family member must be British or settled in the UK in most cases.

The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme is an immigration route for people who do not have family in the UK, but have a named British person who wants to be their sponsor and provide them accommodation in the UK.

Or you may decide your best option is to apply for a Student Visa.

Visa application centres are closed in Ukraine, but you can apply at any other visa application centre that you are able to travel to safely.  If you apply under one of the Ukraine schemes above, you may be able to apply online and get a letter to travel to the UK and receive your visa at the UK border. If that is the case, the application system will explain this to you.

If you are already inside the UK

The Ukraine Extension Scheme may help if you are already in the UK and you want or need to stay in the UK for longer.

The UK Government has also announced some temporary concessions to help Ukrainian nationals making a new visa application in the UK,  if they cannot get a document due to the crisis and in some other circumstances too.