Josh was initially impressed by the level of interaction from the employability team at the university.

Josh Watkins is studying for a BA in business management at the university's Greenwich Campus. Now at the end of his second year, he says that what initially attracted him to the university was the level of interaction from the Business School and Employability & Careers Service.

The employability team at the university has more than lived up to his expectations. "They gave me a lot of help and advice, including mock interviews, which really helped," says Josh, "and I have a placement lined up next year. Josh also took part in the Career Mentoring Scheme with PwC.

During his time at Greenwich, Josh has learned skills that will serve him well in the workplace, such as presentations and group work on projects. He is passionate about getting involved in activities outside of his studies and took part in the Micro-Tyco Challenge (an entrepreneur competition that's open to all UK university students) in his first year.

An experienced scuba diver, he mentors newly qualified divers and is also a keen trader in the commodities market. He explains that although his capital is at minor risk, he enjoys it as he's constantly learning about the economy.

Josh particularly values the level of diversity at the university because most of the businesses he wants to work for are global companies.